Break the cycle of abusive behavior

There are many different – and understandable - reasons why people stay in abusive relationships.

You might be frightened to leave the person abusing you, as you worry that he will try and stop you, and become even more violent. You might also rely on him for practical, legal or financial reasons, or you worry about losing your home and access to your children.

You may enjoy the good times with your partner, and tend to neglect when he is demeaning, controlling and abusive. You keep hoping things between you will improve, despite of relapses. Be aware that this kind of thinking is part of the so called ‘cycle of violence’. Be aware also that most people need help from someone outside to break the cycle.

Never forget that it is a crime for someone you know to abuse you in your own home or anywhere else — whether he or she is your partner, a family member or someone in your home. Whatever the person abusing you might say, violence is never your fault.

You do not deserve to live in an abusive relationship, no matter what the circumstances are. Nobody has the right to abuse you or your children. You may be made to feel responsible and guilty for the abuse, but the source of the problem is the abuser, not you.

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