Children and violence

Children exposed to violence are particularly vulnerable

It is dangerous for a child to grow up in a violent environment. In families and close networks with violence children can be subjected directly to violent actions on both a physical, sexualised or psychological level.

Witnessing violence against a mother (or father) makes the child a primary subject to violence as well. If the child does not get the proper support, he or she may suffer from all the same side effects of the violence as adults do, throughout his or her life.

If you are in danger, we can always help you and your children to a safe place – we do not always have the possibility to accommodate you at Danner’s shelter, but we can find a short term solution, and guide you to relevant help from others as part of a long term solution. It is against the law in Denmark to beat up, threaten, demean or in any way neglect children and all others.

Children have extended rights to protection

Children living in families with domestic violence have extended rights to protection, such as a certain investigation from the authorities in order for them to offer proper help.  As professionals, we are obliged by law to report any suspicion of violence to the relevant municipality, which has to take the report further and find ways of action in order to assist the children and their families.

The municipality, police or other authorities have no right to remove your children from you as part of an investigation. As a primary parent, you will always be involved in any solution made for your children, and the authorities will objectively try to define the best solution for the child.

  • Call us if you are a child, and you think there is something wrong going on between the adults in your house – or call Children’s Telephone (in Danish Børnetelefonen) on 116111 – it is free of charge and anonymous
  • Call us if you have children, and you are in doubt about what your rights and options are
  • Call us if you think there is violence in a family you know
  • Call Danner`s hotline on 3333 0047 – you can be anonymous

You can call us all hours. Help and advice on physical violence and coercive control. Danners helpline 3333 0047
Danner is a feminist organization. We eliminate violence against women by empowerment, and by working with partners.
Danner develops training tools for in depth understanding of violence. Training and workshops can be booked.

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