Many forms of domestic violence

Many believe that domestic violence only takes a physical form. However, it can take many forms. Danner divides domestic violence into five overall types:

  • Physical violence
  • Psychological violence (or coercive and controlling behavior)
  • Sexualized violence
  • Economic violence
  • Material violence

Digital violence is often part of the psychological violence, and it can take many forms on various digital platforms.

Stalking is another dangerous and degrading form of domestic violence, where someone systematically tries to contact you or get your attention by an undesirable or intimidating behavior. Stalkers can be divided into three categories: an ex-partner, a former acquaintant or a stranger.

It is not only women who are exposed to domestic violence. Anyone can be exposed; young or old, single or married, and regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or income level. No matter who the abuser is, or how the violence takes form, it is against the law, and no one deserves to be treated this way. 

What is psychological violence?

Psychological violence is the most frequent of all forms of domestic violence, and it often occurs together with other forms of violence.

It is not about a single word, fight or disagreement. Psychological violence is a pattern of coercive behavior, where one partner – often a man - is trying to gain power and control over the other. This behavior can involve physical abuse or the threat of physical abuse, repeated psychological abuse, forced sexual activity, isolation, intimidation, economic manipulation, etc.

Warning signs such as jealousy, anger, name-calling, and possessiveness are serious red flags indicating an abusive relationship. Many survivors of domestic violence report that psychological abuse by a husband, boyfriend or cohabitant is more devastating than physical violence.

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