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Violence against women and children is one of the most serious violations of basic human rights. Globally, the shelter movement is facing a big task to break the cyle of violence. We must continue to improve our professional skills and methods to support women and children exposed to violence.

Collegial and professional input are vital in ensuring a thorough and complete case view that allows the team of shelter staff to find the best solution for the woman or the child in focus.

The Conference Model


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When working in a shelter, or with people in need in general, it is important that professionals are able to assess cases – especially the challenging ones – from different perspectives. One way of doing this is by using a methodology for professional reflection called the Conference Model. Here, cases can be reviewed and reflected in group sessions in a structured way. This methodology ensures that a wide range of professional perspectives are brought into the discussion as it allows for social workers, child specialists, psychologists, etc. to give their individual perspective.

Just as importantly, the methodology also ensures that a caseworker is supported and reassured in her work by creating a joint collegial and managerial responsibility, and it prevents the feeling of isolation and personal responsibility. It gives the manager the opportunity to ensure that no employee is isolated, and provides a good overview of whether a certain case needs special attention from e.g. a managerial level.

Manual for shelter methodology

Drawing on 40 years of experience, Danner has developed a manual for shelter methodology, which describes the theoretical foundations and the methods used by our shelter in Denmark to help women and children through their crises.

Having translated the manual into English and Greenlandic, Danner hopes to inspire shelter staff and other professionals to debate and critical thinking about methods and experiences when working with surviviors of domestic violence.

English version:

Greenlandic version:

Danish version


As a part of the project Kattunneq (2014-2018), where we provided training to shelter staff in Greenland, we wrote the Shelter Guide. It includes the most important theories and methods. Furthermore, the Shelter Guide has been translated into English and Arabic and distributed to a wide range of shelters in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), where Danner has trained shelters since 2012.

Shelter Guide in English

Shelter Guide in Arabic



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