Violence within the family is a widespread problem in Greenland. The country's seven shelters, all located on the west coast, face both practical and professional challenges.

Danner works with a number of partner organizations to enhance awareness and increase focus on domestic violence in Greenland, strengthen the cooperation within the field and find new joint solutions. We do this through the project called Kattunneq.

Shelter staff, volunteers and other professionals are gathered together to undergo a comprehensive training with the aim to strengthen their professional skills in order to give them the necessary tools and skills to be able to support women and children who have been subjected to domestic violence.

The joint training program furthermore gives the participants, who represent shelter professionals from across the country, the opportunity to meet likeminded and exchange ideas and experiences. The professional exchange will be supported by a newly developed Intranet for the shelters to use going forward.

Most of the shelters are small, private centres with very few employees. The geographical distances between the centres within the country are extensive, and it can be isolated and very lonely to work at shelters. The need for established networks that can be easily accessed is great, and can offer the shelter staff in Greenland a much-needed platform for sharing of experience, challenges and new ideas.

The consequences of violence are the same throughout the world. In the training of Greenlandic staff, Danner is able to draw in it experience from its training project in the Middle East and North Africa. In doing so, Danner hopes to strengthen the network between the Greenlandic shelters and women's organizations elsewhere in the world.

The project was implemented and funded by The Mary Foundation and Oak Foundation.

The project finished in 2018.

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