Shelter in Denmark

Danner’s shelter helps women exposed to violence and their children. We support women by helping them to regain belief in their own agency and power.

Danner’s  shelter can house up to 18 women and 18 children. On average, a woman stays here for four months. Annually, we give refuge to more than fifty women and their children at the shelter. Before being referred to a stay at Danner’s shelter, the women attends an interview and a screening by our professional staff in order to ensure that a stay at a shelter is the right option for her.

The causes of violence are multi-faceted, and we work to prevent it as such. Our staff of professionals at the shelter include psychologists, social workers, child specialists and family therapists. More than 150 volunteers take part in running Danner’s shelter. Our volunteers play an essential part in ensuring the wide ranges of services we provide at the shelter.

Many circumstances influence when a woman and her children are ready to leave Danner’s shelter: financial situation, housing issues, legal matters, etc. Sometimes women move back to their abusive partners, and sometimes they move back into Danner at a later point. It can be a long process to fully free oneself from the violence. At Danner, we always support the women, in the best way possible, to make their own decisions.

Besides running a shelter for women, Danner offers outpatient counselling, after care programmes and runs a national hotline. The hotline receives more than 2000 inquiries every year from women, their relatives and fellow professionals in need of advice. 


You can call us all hours. Help and advice on physical violence and coercive control. Danners helpline 3333 0047
Danner is a feminist organization. We eliminate violence against women by empowerment, and by working with partners.
Danner develops training tools for in depth understanding of violence. Training and workshops can be booked.

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